About Paste

Paste is a FOSS ephemeral pastebin tool, made to be simple, lightweight, and without any tracker or javascript.
Ephemeral means it doesn't store anything in long-term storage mechanisms such as a storage database or the file system, but instead keeps everything in volatile and expirable storage (for the selected duration, technically for a maximum of 24 hours).

Financial contributions

Paste is a completely free and open service, with intent to keep it as so, but operating it still costs.

If you are tech-savvy, your contributions for improvements, bug-fixes, new feature proposals, etc., are most welcome, but if you do not want to directly contribute to the software, financial contributions are gladly received on the donation page!

Privacy policy

As general logging, we only collect your IP. This is solely for cases where someone tries to abuse our services, to be able to block them out.

Paste storing

Every paste is stored in volatile memory (through Redis) with an auto-expiry set to, at maximum, 24 hours after insertion.
Redis is configured to keep regular memory snapshots so, if the server crashes or needs an urgent restart, you will not lose your pastes.
The snapshots are not persisted, or backuped, so once a paste expires, it will disappear from the snapshots.


Except for the possible exception above, we don't collect anything. No, really. The person behind this is very privacy-conscious, so they'll always try to only keep the necessary data, and nothing more. No ad, no tracker in any form, period.


We employ good methods to keep data secure. Not digging into details, but the usual stuff, like a good firewall, monitoring system, and no apparent openflow.

There's only one person who's technically authorized to be on the hosting servers, so only one person should be able to have access.

Note that we're not saying that our servers and services are unbreakable and perfect, but that we try to do our very best to prevent any possibility for such incidents to occur.

Incident or vulnerability disclosure

If you managed to encounter an incident or a vulnerability in our infrastructure, we'd gladly receive your feedback and alerts by e-mail at

Responsible disclosure will allow us to recover and fix those incidents without much risk, allowing us to provide you our services with as much quality as we can manage to.